This 4.8% ABV pale lager is well balanced between citrus, bitter tones and floral, fruity undertones giving a consistent and refined flavour. It has a complicated malty, hoppy taste with an exceptional head retention due to the quality of our ingredients and maturation process.

Menabrea on the bench

Superior clarity & taste

Palate is fresh, clean and balanced. It has an unmistakeable lightness of weight and soft texture to it, from the pure, soft water. The hops and malted barley add texture and fine, precise flavour. No unbalanced bitterness on finish. A true Italian Alpine Lager. Refreshing and pure with distinct character and texture.

Menabrea, Bionda
  • 4.8% ABV pale lager
  • Well balanced between citrus, bitter and sweet notes giving it a consistent and refined flavour
  • Complex, malty, hoppy taste, fruity, floral aroma with citrus undertones
  • Exceptional head retention
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