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25 Jan 2017 - In the know

Menabrea Tesco Winners

'Weekend Trip to Turin, Italy' Winners:

Derek Robinson, Roy Davidson


'A years supply of Menabrea' Winners:

Ed Walker, Ed Worthington, Claire Williams, Paul Rhodes, Sam Furniss, Gregor Mcfarlane, Matt Davison, Ruth Azulay, Debra Harrison, Robert Malone

Menabrea Tesco Winners

'Bella Italia Gift Card' Winners

Anthony John Roberts, Stephen Middleton, Ian Jones, Ben Digby, Tim Sparrow, Mark Vaughan, Gordon Donaldson, Peter Knowles, Margaret Barlow, Caroline Susan Watson, Owain Hughes, John Shipp, Jonathan Fletcher, Alexander Hartley, Keith Bond, Emma Katherine Lacy, David Taylor, Sally Kirk, Claire Kinsey,  Richard Wilson, Jon Hayes, Joshua Hancox,  Jason Scotford, Richard Laskowski, Bruce Humpston, Sam Jones, Sue Bunker, Tracy Jenner, Carl Holliday, Joe Woods, Richard Ellus, Piotr Bertolassi, Gary Waugh, David Smith, Philip Lawrance, Hamish Mcmillan, Helen Marsh, Ian Bristo, Ben Moody, Ian Stevens, Marcus Lawrance, Simon Richardson, M Silvester, Andrei Lyashko, Nigel Hunt, Mike Griffiths, Giacomo Caddeo, Linda Jablonski, Christine Whalley, Dr Kire Temov

All winners have been contacted by email

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