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28 Jun 2015 - In the know

Menabrea brings an authentic taste of Italy to Taste of London

Fortunate enough to be a part of Taste of London 2015, we shared our passion for great Italian food and drink with visitors and exhibitors alike. Along with a healthy supply of the freshest Menabrea, we served a wide range of authentic aperitivos.

Menabrea brings an authentic taste of Italy to Taste of London

We took great care to select only the choicest ham from Piedmont, and worked with Botalla Formaggi to provide the highest quality cheese, straight from Biella. Naturally this included Sbirro, a Menabrea infused cheese, hand made with the finest milk of Biella Pezzata Rossa of Oropa and Bruna Alpina.

This fantastic cheese is the perfect celebration of our shared passion for the finest ingredients being treated with the passion and care that comes from generations of experience. Its unique taste is enhanced by the aromas of the brewing cereals which makes it the perfect complement to a cold Menabrea. There were also some traditional Italian stuffed olives and smoked almonds, which went down a storm with hungry visitors looking for a mid-day snack.


menabrea birra cheese


Our guests certainly took to the traditional Italian serve, taking the weight off with an ice cold beer and some delicious aperitivo, before rushing off to enjoy the other exhibitor’s offerings. Such was the popularity of our aperitivo we regularly had to bring in extra ham, smoked almonds and stuffed olives!




It wasn’t just the public that chose to spend time with us. Fellow Italian exhibitors came over for a chat, allowing them to unwind and enjoy a beer and some aperitivo between shifts.

During the mid-afternoon break we also exchanged offerings with our friends from Giovanni Rana. We provided some Menabrea for his customers to enjoy in exchange for some of his exquisite raviolis, including Spinach and Ricotta and Chicken and Rosemary. Needless to say it didn’t last long!


menabrea italian friends


We also partnered with La Gelatiera, a traditional gelato maker from Italy, who share our passion for authentic Italian cuisine. They developed a Menabrea Sorbetto, infused with the smooth but subtle tastes of Menabrea, and fresh alpine water. This was served with the smallest drop of our Ambratta Birra, giving it a wonderful finish which was perfect for those looking to cool down in the midday heat.



During the course of the week, we also took Menabrea inside the neighbouring VIP tent, hosting tasting sessions, and even giving guests a sample of our specially created Menabrea cocktails.


taste of london vip tent


We were delighted to also welcome some of the most internationally revered chefs to the Menabrea tent. Andre Garret, Andrea Zagatti and Simon Rogan joined us over the week, enjoying some of the finest authentic Italian aperitivos and Birra.


simon rogan menabrea taste of london

On Sunday we collaborated with Andrea by providing his patrons with Menabrea, while ours were treated to a classic spaghetti aglio olio e pepperoncino dish prepared by Andrea himself.

Charles Campion, Alfred Prasad and Francesco Mazzei joined us as well. In fact Francesco enjoyed Menabrea so much he was kind enough to use it to quench his thirst during his cooking sessions on the AEG stage.

botalla sbirro cheese menabrea


Thank you to the winners of our ticket competition as well, and to everyone who shared Taste of London 2015 with us. We can’t wait for next year.


menabrea taste of london

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"The unmistakable symbol of Italian excellence."
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